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Putting The Payments
Into pDOOH

Use Your Windows To<br />
Bring In Revenue

Use Your Windows To
Bring In Revenue

Take advantage of an emerging
market to drive loyalty and repeat

Programmatic digital out-of-home advertising or pDOOH puts the physical storefront to work. Retail businesses and property owners can place digital signs in their outside-facing windows to promote their companies and display national and local ads. The digital ads target the pedestrians, vehicles, and in-store traffic that pass by the signs.

Most businesses can use the service, from retail to convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, salons, spas, fitness centers, restaurants, bars, and more. Key considerations are the location and a high level of traffic flow – Cash Flow Media partners will help assess your site(s) and provide national and local ads aligned with your business.

CashFlow PDOOH Solution

Advertise For Your Business

Your Ads Can Drive Loyalty
And Repeat Business

  • Promote Online Ordering And Delivery
  • Advertise Store Specials And Discounts
  • Pitch Featured Products Or New Arrivals

Futuristic Screen Displays

Commercial Grade TV(S)
Hung In Your Window

  • Exterior And Interior Facing Dual Sided Screens
  • Stunning Picture On High Resolution 55″ Tvs
  • Commercial Grade LED Backlit Samsung

No Out of Pocket Spend

No Installation Costs or
Ongoing Fees

  • No Cost To Buy, Install Or Maintain The TV
  • National And Hyperlocal Ads Cover Costs
  • There Are 4 Ad Slots For Your Promotions
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